Final thoughts, and they are just my thoughts

If we as teachers are to ensure new literacy skills are taught to our students we need to be immersed and proficient in them ourselves. This means moving out of our comfort zones, developing an identity in the online environment, being immersed in community online. It means we need to be learners as the new literacies that we need to teach to our students are new to us also.

To support students in developing identities they are proud of we need to be able to support them in developing their community connections and involvement, ensuring it sits well with their ethics, morals, beliefs and values. This will require us to support their learning within an environment that allows them to refine their understandings and make mistakes along the way, as is the case in the face to face world.

We now need to focus on leading staff into an environment that is unfamiliar personally and professionally to many, and consequently challenging, to ensure students can be supported well in the development of their new literacies.


About dbatty1

I'm a teacher who loves to dabble with a range of technologies that enhance learning. At the moment I have taken a sea change delving deeper into social media. FTW
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